West Park Presbyterian Church, NYC
Architect: Franke, Gottsegen, Cox
Developer: Richman Housing Associates

Production Notes:

This project involved a church which sold some of its air rights to the developer for a condo tower in exchange for preservation and restoration of its crumbling facade and art deco stained glass. This called for a rendering that not only showed the new construction, but showed the church in its cleaned and restored state. Complicating matters was the sidewalk bridge obscuring the context on either side.

Working with laser scan data of the facade, I created a highly accurate and detailed digital replacement for the church showing the cleaned and restored facade and new lighting scheme, and composited it seamlessly with site photos.

"The renderings both look great and we've been getting rave reviews from all the members of the design/construction team who have seen them, as well as various community members, elected officials, preservation advocates, etc. to whom we've been doing outreach... I've never seen the building look so good."

-Chris Cirillo, Richman Housing VP