Photo Retouching & Compositing
all images © Jon Seagull, except as noted. All rights reserved.

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Art Installation, NYC

Retouching to remove people and their reflections from a gallery installation.

West Park Presbyterian Church, NYC

Photocomposite of 3D rendering with extensive retouching.

Residential Development, Scarsdale, NY

Extensive retouching, photocomposite of 3D rendering.
3D elements lit using High Dynamic Range (HDRI) panoramic site photography.

Concept Design, West Park Presbyterian Church, NYC

Day-to-evening, extensive cleanup and clutter removal, and photocomposite of 3D rendering.

Madison Avenue Office Tower, NYC

Cleanup of cityscape and immediate context, photocomposite of 3D rendering

40 W. 57th Street renovation, NYC

Photocomposite of 3D rendering with extensive photo retouching

Newport Office Complex Buildout, Hoboken, NJ

Addition of hand-painted buildings, removal of construction debris and derelict structures

Newport Office Building III,
Hoboken, NJ

Removal of unwanted foreground obstruction

all images © Jon Seagull except as noted