When you first contact me, I will need some information about your project, including

  • What is the scope of work?
    • What do you want to show?
    • What reference materials can you provide?
  • What is the final output?
    • Still renderings
      • How many views?
      • What is the output size?
    • Animation
      • How long is the animation?
      • What parts of the project will we show?
    • CD-ROM/Website
      • What do you want it to do besides have images?
  • When is the project deadline?
    • When is your deadline?
    • Will you be actively revising the project?
    • How soon can reference materials be provided?

Based on our discussion of your project, we will work out a price and schedule, and sign a contract for the job. If you wish, I can present you with a choice of several approaches in order to best suit your needs and budget.

I will start work on your project as soon as I get the reference material needed and a deposit. You will be able to review the project at every step of production. I will also need a contact at your firm who can answer questions and provide additional information as the need arises.

There will be several 'milestones' in the production schedule where you will review and approve the portion of the work that has been completed when you are happy with it.


A 3D rendering is a custom-crafted product, not a commodity, and it is impossible to give accurate pricing without knowing some details of your project. However, my rates are reasonable, and I can give you a quote after speaking with you and reviewing some drawings.

Factors in pricing a project include model complexity, time to completion, output medium, and level of quality needed.